Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Nicaragua 2014: NCA Matagalpa

We made it safely to Matagulpa!! We stopped by NCA yesterday to meet Carey and deliver all of the supplies we brought. It was fun to finally be there. 

NCA Matagulpa is located in the mountains. It is beautiful here. 

This is Carey, the school's director. She was very gracious to us in spending time explaining the school and what we would be doing thee for the next few days. 

The last group from river rock worked on digging the holes to lay the foundation for three new classrooms. This is a picture of where they are at now! They are building the walls!! So cool to see progress! 

We brought lots of suitcases full of supplies to the school. Also, we brought a very coveted set of whiteboards.  These are great tools for any classroom and will be checked out constantly by the teachers! 

We also brought Mackenzie and Kai (children of Annette, a kindergarten teacher here) some new shoes! 

We got to spend the afternoon at NCA: Matagulpa so we got to work right away. 

Ralf and Gina got to clear a parking lot with Machetes! 

Tab, Meredith, Justin and Bobby got to haul bricks down a very steep hill to the construction site! 

And of course, we beat the locals in a friendly game of fĂștbol during lunch recess!

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