Friday, November 27, 2015

Mission Lower Ninth: Thanksgiving 2015

Wow. Today was not a "normal" Thanksgiving by any means. One crew of people woke early to head to Miss Kim's home to start work right away. The rest of us got to sleep in a little bit before breakfast. Then we all met up at Church at Next Generation of the Original Morning Star Full Gospel Church in Nee Orleans. Pastor Tyrone Smith delivers a message about "its all GOOD in the hood". We praised Jesus for all the work he has done in our lives and thanked him for what he has given us- most importantly, our salvation. Someithing that can never be taken from us. 

After church we headed right back to the worksite to continue working! 

We had a crew working on trimming doors and windows, the toilets got installed, and we did a ton of sanding! 

We also had a crew go through the entire house and texturizing all the ceilings! They got a little messy but we're working extremely hard! 

We also had multiple crews working in flooring. We completed the flooring in the back bedroom, the kitchen and the master bedroom. 

The moms and daughters worked on building and painting a bed for Miss Kim out of pallets! 

At the end of a long, hard work day we returned to the mission house to have our thanksgiving meal. We had 43 people at the Mission house! We cooked two turkeys and talked about the blessing this trip has been on all of us! We are so thankful for the family we have become this week! It makes being away from our families a little easier. 

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