Friday, August 26, 2016

Guest Post: by Mandi Molt

Karen lives in Springfield LA. About 40 Minutes from Walker LA. The street she lives on is like a community village in the middle of nowhere. Tiny houses on a slab of concrete. Her house is about 900 square feet. She has her 19year old son and mother with dementia living with her. Karen told us the area is surrounded by two rivers and a lake so often floods on the street but never her house. Springfield actually got less rain than Walker and Denham Springs but they are down stream from these overflowing rivers so it came to them. 
When they realized they were flooding she was able to stay at a Nieghbor trailer three doors down that didn't flood. They were trapped in the trailer for 6 days until the streets cleared of water.

Now two weeks later Karen's home has still not been gutted and as of two days ago she had nowhere to go. 
Two mornings ago things began to change;
Karen was at a Red Cross point and met a lady asking if anyone needed help. Karen opened up that she had none. With in hours we were there!

Also Karen went to every hotel in town with all saying "no room here". The last place she stopped said they had two rooms but they were on hold. As she walked out her mothers friend walked in gave her a big hug (unknown to her he's the owner of the hotel). He got her a room for as long as she needs!

As a team of 9 we worked had removing the massive amount of stuff from the home. That took all of day one. She has more stuff by the road than people with houses three times as big. It's all so overwhelming. She expressed her overwhelmed state. We were so proud of her ability to be able to throw out things of value to her. At the end of the day she said two days ago I couldn't see the light but now I do. 
Thank you God for showing up for Karen! Continue to be a light for her path! 

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