Monday, June 18, 2012

Organized Chaos

We are working through an organization called Group Mission Trips on their "Week of Hope" program. There are three other youth groups here this week. One from traverse City, one from the Chicago area and another from IN.
All of us have been split up into 15 different "crews". Each crew has a few members from each youth group in it. Its fun because we meet new people while we do our work. Each crew gets a different work assignment, but a few crews go to the same locations. This week there are 5 different locations that crews will be working at:
1.Global Peace Initiative at Peaceful Grounds. This group is working to plant gardens where food will be grown and given back to the community in Indianapolis.
2. Lilly Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis, summer programming.
3. LeGore Boys and Girls Club I Indianapolis, summer programming.
4. Common Ground Church, working at a VBS called Kids Games of Indianapolis.
5. First Free Methodist Church, Kids Games of Indianapolis VBS.

I am part of crew number 9!! And both crew 8 and 9 are working at the Lilly Boys and Girls Club. It is so fun.

Today I got to meet a girl named Mackenzie. She is awesome. I love her smile. Mackenzie is 7 years old and attends PS 93. She is going into the second grade next year. She has an older brother who is nine, and lives with her mother and stepdad.
I got to talk to her about Jesus. She met Jesus at Bible School last summer. We talked about how much Jesus loves her and wants to be her friend.

Here's more photos: of Mackenzie and I, Lilly Boys and Girls Club, and the morning Rally at the Club, showing how many members there are!! Also a photo of Brian Ellis and his buddy Xavier, and Ariel and her friend Michelle.

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