Monday, January 7, 2013

Everything New

It's a new year. And while many are fighting to keep their New Year's resolutions going, I sometimes feel like I am fighting just to keep my sanity!

With a small one bedroom apartment (and lots of junk) our home can get pretty messy very quickly. Many times I feel as though I am struggling just to keep my head above water with laundry, dishes and dust piling up. And I am not even a classroom teacher who has to take her work home with her yet.

I really do love taking care of my own home. I like when my home is clean, and laundry is put away, and dinner is on the table. I enjoy caring for myself and my husband in that way. But often times I wonder- (1) Is it ever enough? (2) Will it ever be completed? Seems like the second I finish one basket, a new pile of dirty clothes is ready to be washed.
But every so often I stay ahead of the game (for a few days). Today was one of those days. Just a great gift from God.

Bobby and I started the day with devotions and coffee, as we often do. I threw dinner in the cock pot and went off to school- our first day back since Christmas break- and it was a great day. I came home and actually got to spend time with my husband. We first went to the store for groceries (much easier when we go together). Then we came home to a yummy pot roast in the crock pot and watched a movie together. All in all, a very good day indeed.

Rev. 21:5 "Look, I am making everything new."

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  1. I hear ya! It's crazy the amount of housework I feel like I have, and we only have a one bedroom apartment too! Makes me scared to have kids or move into a house :) But you're right, it makes the days when you feel like you're ahead of the game, that much more of a blessing! Hoping for many more of those days for you in the future :)