Monday, June 10, 2013

NTC '13: Early Start

Well, the alarm clock went off at 5:30am. After a long journey yesterday, a lot of us slept through it. By 6:15 the guys had packed up all of their belongings and carried them upstairs. (A task the will have to do every morning because the church is used by other groups during the day.) 
Breakfast. Yum. We ate our cereal and fruit, and packed our sack lunches for the day. We spilled a large amount of milk along the way, as we are not yet used to the very squared milk gallons try have here in NYC. :-P 

After doing devotions and meeting as a group we are now splitting up into our two "city groups". This morning we will all be starting at St. James presbyterian church to do some outside yard work. In the afternoon we will split up. One group will head over to Operation Exodus, an after school tutoring program. Then on to dinner at Malecon, a Dominican restaurant. The second group will be doing the "Harlem Plunge" in the afternoon. We will Learn about and explore the neighborhood of Harlem. Group two is planning on heading to Big Arc Chicken a local middle Eastern restaurant for dinner. 
Please pray for us! Pray we have the strength for today. We are all tiered from yesterday's journey. We had a few people who are sick, and one healing sprained ankle. 
More to come later!

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