Monday, June 10, 2013

NYC '13: St. James Presbyterian Church

We got in to our subway groups and walked a few blocks down church street to the subway. We passed a large farmers market along the way. We boarded the B train towards the Bronx. It was 7:30 am so the morning commute was in full swing Our train arrived as we walked down the stairs, so we rushed on to the already full train and grabbed on to the closest available bar. We all made it! 
Our first ride was a long one. We rode all the way to the upper west side of Manhattan, 135th street. 
We ten walked a few blocks north to St. James Presbyterian Church. Now next to this church there is alleyway that is over underground rivers. Because of this it becomes overgrown and water puddles up. The church often gets fines fm the city for "breeding Mosquitos". So our job was to come and help clean up this area. We met up with Mark Hill from the church  to talk about or plan of action. He unformed us that the delivery of topsoil that was supposed to arrive hadn't yet. He challenged us to keep a great attitude anyway. The devil likes to think:  "What can I do to make you stop doing good things?"  
So we grabbed our gloves and trash bags and headed to the alley to get started. We pulled a ton of weeds and plants and put the ground. We cleared a good chuck of it, finding some fun things in the process. 

"Ahhhhhhhhh that's the biggest spider I've ever seen!!" -Jourdan. 

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