Monday, July 21, 2014

St. Louis Mission Trip: Safe Arrival

The sun shone off the beautiful steel curves of the St. Louis Arch this afternoon.   We saw our first glimpse of the iconic structure around 3:15pm. We pulled into "Slu" (St. Louis University) moments later. 

After checking in, we unloaded the trailer and handed out room assignments. 

Students moved into their dorm rooms and unpacked. It took all of 15 minutes before they started their first game of "spoons". Although, they substituted the spoons for their wristbands they received at check-in. 

After a yummy dinner of Mac n cheese, and chicken or cheeseburgers, we packed back into the vans.  We drove a short 10 min drive to a nearby church, where we will have all of our large group sessions. 
We had an awesome time of worship and teaching alongside the 300-400 students here for the mission trip this week. 

We got introduced to our theme focus for the week: PRAYER. After session we drove back to SLU and broke into our small groups. We talked about how prayer is a very important weapon we can use in our battle against satan. 
Though hesitant, I think we are excited to have the week to work on and discuss the power of prayer as kingdom work. 

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