Monday, September 13, 2010


I have found it very hard to discipline the students in my classroom. There are always times when a class becomes very noisy and everyone begins to talk, but this class seems to be very bad. Students need constant reminders to be quiet, and even then, they continue to talk. I do not get extremely frustrated with this, but rather, feel fairly defeated. I don't automatically fight for their attention, I usually let them continue to talk over me.
My cooperating teacher has to keep reminding me that I have the power to reprimand my students. I do not know why I constantly forget this. I am working on my "teacher glances" at certain students, and this does gain the attention of some. I have called the name of disruptive students, as well as repositioned them. These tactics are beneficial but not completely effective.
I suppose I need to continue to work on this aspect of teaching. Perhaps my cooperating teacher can help me.

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