Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Together

Today made me think a lot about the adult side of teaching. The joys and hardships of having co-workers and fellow staff members who are stuck in the same building that you are.
Hopefully these people are a support network one can turn to for encouragement and ideas, as well as fellow workers with the same goals. It amazes me the huge community that is within the walls of this school building. The teachers and staff are very supportive of one another, and good at working together. I always wondered, as a student, what the teachers talked about in the teachers' lounge during lunch. I always hoped it wasn't about us students! Well now i know... it is! Teachers talk about students in the lounge all the time. Sometimes it is to vent frustrations, sometimes to praise accomplishments, other times to seek out helpful strategies. I feel that every healthy teaching community should have a place to do these things. The teachers' lounge not only keeps sanity, it also provides a place where each staff member can feel loved and a part of something bigger than themselves.

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