Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- A Year in Review: Top Ten

Wow. Another year draws to a close. Already?! Where did it go?

I think back over the year and there were some really great times, and some really hard times- as I am sure is true for you too.  So hear is a "TOP TEN" list of the most memorable and influential events of 2012.

1. My NY Resolution to Read through the Bible:
Last New Year I decided to try to read through the Bible in a year. Now that the year is over- did I finish? No. Was it still beneficial? Of course! According to my Bible app, I got 51% of the way through. I absolutely loved the challenge. I am sad, and a little ashamed to say I only got 51% finished. But I cannot tell you the number of times God fed me with exactly what I needed to hear! It is amazing the difference being in God's word can make in your life. My new New Year's resolution? FINISH reading through the Bible! Hey, I've already got a 1% lead on last year! haha.

2. Critter and Ian's Wedding:
In March my best friend got married to the love of her life! It was an awesome wedding. I am so overjoyed to see my best friend so happy. Now, my husband and her husband are best friends too. We spend so much time with these folks, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I look back on the past, and I never imagined that we would be where we are today. I am so thankful for God's work in her life.

3. Death of Granddaddy: 
In April Bobby's Granddaddy (Robert Raymond Moore I) passed away. We made a quick trip to North Carolina to be with Granny and the extended Moore family. I am amazed at how close the Moore family really is, even though they live throughout the country. My entire side of the family lives in west Michigan, so it was an adjustment for me to get used to not seeing Bobby's family all the time. Yet, every time we get together, it feels as though we never left. I am honnored to now be part of the wonderful family. We are all thankful for the many wonderful years Granddaddy had on this earth. His influence is seen throughout the Moore family, in the importance everyone puts on family.  We are rejoicing for him now, as he celebrates in his forever heavenly home.

3. Mission Trip to Indy
In June Bobby and  I went on a missions trip to Indianapolis with our church's youth group. The trip grew be as a person, and a youth leader. It renewed my passion to see children grow closer to their creator. "Look, I am making everything new." was the Bible verse. It was an amazing experience for Bobby and I, and all of the students and leaders!

5. First Wedding Anniversary 
In July Bobby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I am so thankful for the man that Bobby is, and is becoming. The depths of love that I have already experienced in our marriage have already been more than I could ever imagine. Bobby truly loves me for ME. Who i am, even with my faults and insecurities. He is my support. We have been trying really hard to do devotions together in the mornings, and are growing so close in doing so. I am so thankful for a husband who can grow in their relationship with God alongside of me.

6. Sailboat at the lake
This summer my Dad bought a hobie cat. It has been a most wonderful addition to the lakehouse. We all have been learning to sail, even Abby Lou! We have had some great times together already... My favorite being the loooooong talks we have when there is no wind and we are stuck in the middle of the lake, and the time there was so much wind the mast cable broke and we had to get towed home by a jet ski!

7. Family Vacation / Granny's 90th Birthday:
In August Bobby's immediate Family and I got to take an amazing vacation to North Carolina Beach! On our way down we stopped in Big Stone Gap, Virginia for Granny's 90th Birthday party. We got to spend time with the extended Moore side of the family, and also had a more formal memorial service for Granddaddy. After a few days in Big Stone Gap we headed to NC! We rented a beach house right on the water for a whole week. Bobby and Coleman helped me become a pro body surfer, we enjoyed some Brit's Doughnuts, soaked up lots of rays, read some books, and we ended the week with huge crab boil!!

8. Eleanor Gracelyn Roer is Born!!
While Bobby and I were on vacation, my brother and Sister-in-law had their second child, Eleanor Gracelyn Roer! She was born on August 4th, a date that was already full of meaning in the Roer household. Now we not only remember this date as the day Mom passed away in 2004, but too, as the day Ellie Grace was born!

9. Job Change:
 During the 2001-2012 school year I worked as a Kindergarten Parapro at Dutton Christian School. It was a MWF kindergarten, and I only worked during part of the day. I loved it. I loved the community there and all of the staff and students. While on vacation I got a call from Knapp Charter Academy saying they would like to interview me for a full time Kindergarten Parapro position. When we got back i went to the interview and was offered a job. Although I loved Dutton, and did not want to leave. Knapp was offering me full time employment. (and was only 10 min from my house.) Financially, it made sense to accept.  Although i still long for my own classroom (someday) I am very much enjoying what I am doing now. I have made new friends, and get to influence a new set of students. I know that this is right where God wants me to bed right now. But I also hold on to the hope that He is using this to prepare me better for where he really wants me to be. :-)
In September my Father-in-law Coleman heard his doctor say, "You have cancer." The same three words that started my Mother's 4 year battle. I cannot describe to you the terrible brick that landed in my stomach when I heard this news. My mind was racing with fears and memories. My body was numbed at the thought of my husband having to loose a parent, as I had.  Coleman had gone into the hospital because of pain in his abdomen, and quickly had an appendicitis.  Routinely, they checked the removed organ for any abnormalities, and they found some strange cells inside that were a rare form of cancer. This particular type of cancer is very terminal if it gets into the abdominal cavity, and it usually travels there from the appendix, through the colon. So they approved Coleman for a surgery to remove 1/3 of his colon  and search the abdominal cavity while they were inside. In early October had had the surgery, and everything went miraculously well! They found no cancer in the abdomen, and the colon removal went smoothly. Coleman is doing very well now, and has almost fully recovered from his surgery.  Though this seems like a short period of time looking back, these we the darkest part of our year. I can honestly say, the love I felt for my husband, through the fears, was the deepest form of love I have ever felt. I (and everyone else) am so thankful that Coleman is now cancer free, and healthy. And, most of all, here to continue influencing those around him, and living out the life God has called him to.

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