Thursday, December 27, 2012


"Friend" is such an interesting word.
You can introduce someone as your friend, you can ask a friend to be your bridesmaid, you can "friend" someone on Facebook. There are so many different types of friends.
There's the girl you label "friend" because you see each other every day at school, take all the same classes with, even play on the same basketball team. But then when you graduate high school, you never see, or talk to again.
There's the guy you call a friend, but you really kinda like him, and wish he were MORE than a friend.
There's the friend who you used to do everything with, but now you don't even want to be in the same room with. Because of that one thing she said- you can't get over. Is it your fault? Or hers?
There's that person you are "best friends" with when you want to go have a good time- but you would never actually just chill with.
There's that friend who you talk to at church on Sundays, but never see or communicate with outside of the church walls.
There's the best friend. The person you text the second you wake up, and right before you go to bed. You like all the same things, do everything together. The one you would tell anything to- and do anything for.

Then there are those people, that you really value, care for, and love. That you label friend- because no matter how many miles away you are, or how often you call or text. You know you would do anything for them. You've been through so much together, that the bond cannot be broken. By time. By distance. By silence. Nothing can change the fact that you are truly FRIENDS with that individual.

Today I got to see that friend. :-) and it was wonderful.

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