Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Daniel Fast: Day 2

Today was just as bad as yesterday. I have had a small headache all day.  But it seems to go away when I eat. 
For breakfast I had a smoothie again, and lunch another helping of the crockpot chili. 
On Tuesday nights we always have high school youth group at church. The leaders always cook the students dinner. Since 4 of us (three leaders and one student) are all doing the Daniel Fast together, we had to come up with an alternative dinner for us. The one student offered to make and bring the separate fast-appropriate dinner for us! It was so nice of her! 

She made black bean and lentil curry and whole grain wheat rice. She also brought homemade Indian flatbread to go with it! 
It's was so good!! 

I am hoping that my headache goes away tomorrow! 

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