Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NOLA 2015: **Guest Post** from Pastor Jon

I am part of a group of six who have been assigned to work on the house of a retired barber named George. My partners are: Lauren, Natalie, Samantha, Levi, and fellow leader Charlene.
George's house sits on pylons with a crawlspace underneath. It is not presently occupied. But they hope to have occupancy by this August, the 10 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Our main project is sanding and finishing George's wooden floors. In one room, a squatter had built a fire which got out of control and which damaged the floor. We are trying to sand it down so that it is finish-able. Things are going slow but steady. We hope to get all of the floors nicely finished.

This is George's family home. When you talk to him, you realize that it just doesn't make any sense to him to live somewhere else. This is home. 

The organization we have been working with, lowernine.org, helps people restore their houses in the lower ninth Ward. 
The person from lowernine who is leading our team is from the Netherlands. His name is Kevin. He describes himself as an agnostic and we have had some enjoyable conversations. Perhaps you could pray for him.


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