Saturday, July 11, 2015

NOLA 2015: Safe Travels!

We made it! 

As I sit on the couch in the big room of the mission house I try to take it all in. Laughter is filling the room, from the tables to the tall ceilings. It feels good. It feels good to be back in this place, to be back in this city. I look around and already see new friendships being cultivated. Each slap on the table and frantic claw for a spoon reminds me of the lively energy that these high schoolers have for life. It has been a dream, for the past few years, to take students down to New Orleans, and to have them stay in the Mustard Seed Mission House. Today, that dream is finally a reality. It feels good to be back in this place, it feels exciting. I look forward to seeing how this group of people will experience this beautiful city. I get butterflies in my tummy as I anticipate the ways God is going to work through us this week. My heart is full as I look around the room and already see people stepping up and helping with dinner prep and clean up. I am thankful when I think of the miles and hours that are safely behind us. God is good. 

A few photos from today:

Crossing the Mississippi River

Stopping at the Arkansas State Line 

Crossing Lake Pontchartrain

Entering downtown New Orleans 

Arriving at the Mission House! 

It has been a great journey to NOLA! 
We are ecxcited to finally be here!! 

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