Friday, July 17, 2015

NOLA 2015: Thursday!

Today we took the day off from working with, and experienced NOLA at it's finest.  We started the day with biscuits and gravy and then did some work around the Mission House. For lunch we had some delicious Mac n Cheese and then we packed in our vans to head downtown. 

On our way we got stopped at the canal, waiting for the bridge for 20-25 minutes. #NOLAstyle 

After finally crossing the bridge we made our way downtown to the French quarter. 

We had to visit the French Market:

And of course stop by Cafe du Monde:

And try some delicious beignets! 

We stopped by the aquarium too:

And walked down the park by the river:

When we came back to the mission house we had a huge shrimp boil with all the neighbors. 

We hung out with our NOLA neighbors

And we also celebrated 5 birthdays! One on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday and one on Friday. 

It was a great day!! 

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