Monday, September 19, 2011


Wow! A lot has changed since the last time I posted!

First, I am MARRIED!!! Bobby and I had a wonderful wedding day, this past July 3rd. We are so in love, and feeling so blessed to be where we are at!!

Second, I GRADUATED!!! I am so thrilled to have made it through those hours of student teaching! It was hard work, but it payed off! 5 years, and thousands of dollars later- I not have a small piece of paper that says I know a little bit about education. haha.

Third, I now have a job working as a Parapro in a small Christian Elementary School! AND I LOVE IT!
The kids are so funny. I am working in a three-day kindergarten class in the mornings. We have so much fun.

I didn't realize how much kindergarten is about learning how to do school. I knew it was about letters, and numbers, and writing skills and reading starts. But we also do a lot of teaching about how to go through a school day. Walking in the hallways, asking to go to the bathroom, what the bells mean, what we do when we have indoor recess... Wow, there is a lot to learn.