Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall fun!

Today was a perfect fall day! It was warm enough to walk outside with a tshirt on, and the colors on the trees were just beautiful. Each fall I am reminded of how amazing our God is, and how stunning his artwork of creation can be.
This afternoon I took my 2 year old niece, Abby, for a walk to the apple orchard right by our lakehouse. It was a walk full of giggles, smiles, questions, singing and dancing. This little girl makes me so happy. She is pure, explorative, cute, and fun.
We gathered various colored leaves as we walked up the hill (as well as a few flowers and a stick). When we reached the top of the hill we found the trees almost bare of apples. But we did manage to find three apples! One of which was even edible! Abby was so cute as she said, "three apples! I like apples!" in her singsong voice. :-)
Once we got back to the lakehouse we used the leaves to do some crayon impressions! It was a great day. We took lots of fun pictures too! Enjoy.