Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dresses, yoga, elves and the bible?

So today is December first. 

And I think I'm crazy. 

I have committed to participating in 4 different things EACH DAY during the month of December. 


December is a month that already fights for your time with Christmas festivities, parties, and family time. But I want to make sure I am taking time to improve myself too. 

I hope that I can eventually get to the point where I do the following four things every day: 

1) do something to improve myself spiritually. 
2) do something to improve myself physically. 
3)do something to help someone else. 
4) do something to foster joy in my life. 

Since making a change like this can be difficult, I think the 4 challenges I am doing this month will help me to get more comfortable with these 4 things. And the accountability of having to post each day on social media is a perfect built in accountability partner. 

So here are the 4 challenges I am doing: 

1) do something to improve myself spiritually.  Each day I have a bible verse that I need to write down in my journal. At the very least I am exposed to God's word each day, which in and of itself has great power. But, more than that, once I have my bible open and my journal and my pen out, I usually have wonderful conversations with God. I am hoping that challenging myself to do this everyday will bring about spiritual fruit in my life. 
2) do something to improve myself physically. #Beginneryoga2015 challenge. On Instagram  there is a  monthly challenge, where you have to post a picture of yourself doing a different yoga pose each day.  I have to say, the positive peer pressure caused by posting a picture on Instagram is tremendously motivating for me. I think part of it is my age, and growing up in an age where a woman is defined by how many followers she has and how many likes on her photos has something to do with it. But I hope, in this case, the social media pressure will bring about good things- like forcing me to get on my mat each day. I just have to watch myself on this one. I don't want to give the devil a foothold, and a place to bring down my self esteem. I need to not compare myself to others- but constantly strive to better myself. 

3)do something to help someone else.  I have committed to participate in #dressember2015. This is a campaign where you commit to wearing a dress every day in December to raise awareness for modern day slavery and human trafficking. I figure, I hate dresses, but being uncomfortable for a month, because of what I am wearing, is nothing compared to what millions of people go through everyday, enslaved, and forced to work against their will. If wearing a dress can bring awareness and funds to this huge issue on our planet today- then, by golly, why not!?

4) do something to foster joy in my life. Besides God, the greatest source of joy in my life is my husband. And we do many things for each other, but one of them is a Christmas tradition of the elf on the shelf. We know this is  usually done for children, and we have none- but we like to do it for each other. It is an encouragement that we show each other we are thinking of each other, and love each other, by moving a stupid elf around the house, and surprising each other each day. I know it must sound weird, but knowing I have a teammate in life, a partner that aims to encourage and delight me, that gives me joy. Plus, the laughter caused by what #Hermiethelf2015 does I'm sure will bring joy too. :-) 

So there you have it. Go ahead and say it, I'm crazy. 

But I'm ok with that.