Tuesday, November 8, 2011

God's Kid

After an extended time on the reading rug, it was times to sing a few songs before we headed into snack time.  We sang the pizza hut song, Waddly-Otcha, and others. Then we finished with, "I'm God's kid."

I'm God's kid.
Yes, God's kid.
No matter wether I'm tall or small,
I'm God's kid.
With Jesus as my Savior,
I'm God's kid.

We proceeded out into the hallway where one of our kindergarteners pulled my teacher and I aside and asked,
"Do you think my baby is God's kid?"
This kindergartener's mom is pregnant and will have a baby this coming April.

"Even though he's not out yet, he's God's kid right?"

Yes, hunny. Your baby is definitely God's kid. 
Praise the Lord.