Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Daniel Fast: Preparation

Starting tomorrow- my husband and I are going to be doing the Daniel Fast.  About a month ago, we both heard God telling us to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua this coming summer. Once we said yes, and committed to the trip, we both wanted to also commit to getting ourselves spiritually ready.   A couple friends of ours from church were participating in the Daniel Fast and suggested it to us. We looked at our calendars and thought, what better time to fast than during lent? The fast is 21 days long, so if we start it tomorrow, Easter will be our first normal meal! What a great spiritual celebration! 

So today, in preparation for the fast, we took a special grocery trip. We looked kinda funny reading all the labels in the store, but eventually found the foods we could use. We made it out of Meijer spending $160. About the same as a normal two-week grocery bill. 
All our foods needed to be sugar-free, chemical-free, and vegan. The hardest part was finding canned foods (as it is still  basically winter in michigan) that don't have preservatives in them. 
We cut up lots of good fruits and veggies to get them ready to take to work for the week. 

We also had to go through our cupboards and fridge to throw away all our foods that would not be used in the fast. Bobby decided he didn't want the ice cream to go to waste. :-) So he quick ate it before bed. 
We are excited to see how God will work in us through these 21 days, but, a little nervous too.