Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Grade at Congress Elementary

Today I taught a science lesson to a first grade class. I taught about various types of animal coverings. I started out with a bunch of types of coverings we wear, like a coat, rain boots, a helmet, a pretty dress. And i asked them why we wear each one. Then they looked at various animal coverings, and tried to guess what animal they were from and why that animal needed that covering.

I love first graders. I love talking with them. It is like speaking another language. you have to think about the words you use, and the way you describe things. I love thinking and speaking in that language. I also love asking them questions. They come up with answers so quickly, because they are so excited you are talking with them, and they think they are so smart.

Sometimes they start talking before they even know what they are going to say- thats the best. You have them so excited about the material, and participating in the class discussion, before you finish asking a question, they are sitting at the edge of their seats, raising their hand as high as possible, waving it back and fourth. Then when you proceed to call on them, they start a sentence, then stop to think of answer.

One of them ran up to me as i was walking out the door,
"Thank you Miss Carissa"

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