Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Did I mention I like tea?

Who am I kidding- I'm ADDICTED to tea!
I drink a whole travel mug of tea each morning, and usually one more at work. Once I get home I usually drink a cup or two to relax, and even sometimes another cup before bed!
Averaging 2-4 cups a day I might even earn the label "obsessed". I'm ok with that.
If you have heard of Teavana, you would understand why it s my favorite store! If you haven't, let me explain why. Teavana is a loose leaf tea store, that also sells tea pots and accessories. They use real pieces of fruit and other ingredients as so to create full bodied wonderful loose leaf teas. (We are not talking the dust that is put in a paper bag and sold by Lipton.) My best friend and cousin got me hooked three or four years ago when she gave me my first taste of "Raspberry Riot Lemon mate" tea. :-)
Since then the two of us have continued to drink and enjoy Teavana tea together. We have also talked many times about when we get our own houses, how many tea things we will have. We dreamed of the day when we would be able to buy cast iron teapots to keep our tea warm.

Today, Teavana had the biggest sale I have ever seen them have! Many of our favorite teas were 75% off! We were so excited to go and fill up on our favorites!!! For Christmas I received gift cards to Teavana from some of my friends and family. The gift cards were enough to cover the cost of the cast iron pot I have been drooling over for years! I was so giddy I couldn't sleep last night because I I knew we were going to the store today! Then on the way, I was driving over the speed limit to get there! When I got to the store I was even more surprised! Teavana cast iron teapots come in two sizes. Small and large. I had planned to buy a smaller teapot, which was $90, not on sale. But the larger size was 50% off, meaning it too was $90! So I got the larger size for the same amount I was going to pay for the smaller one!! I was sooo stoaked!!! I got my cast iron teapot and refilled all my teas! It was a great day!
My total savings today: $186.59!!! I love tea- and Teavana. And my new cast iron teapot.

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  1. You should sing a song:
    I'm a castiron tea pot, solid and tough
    bought from Teavana, 50% off
    Making tea that's not just good, but grrrr-eat!
    Pass the rasp'rry Riot lemon mate!