Friday, January 3, 2014

The French Quarter

On Wednesday the group took a day off of working on other peoples' homes, and spent the morning doing some maintenance work on the mission house where we are staying. 

Troy Winters, founder of Mustard Seed Ministries fell in love with the city of New Orleans in 2005. He came down to N.O. After Hurricane Katrina to do some work in homes that were destroyed. God put a passion in his heart at that time. So he bought a house in the Chalmette area (east of downtown New Orleans). This house is now used to host groups that want to come to New Orleans to help rebuild the city!  Our group is blessed to be staying at the house this week.  
The mission house. 

In the afternoon we had the chance to go to the Frebch Quarter near downtown New Orleans.  We got to walk around to some of the shops and streets. 

We got to eat some Po-Boys for lunch! 

We also walked down Bourbon Street, 

And we lucked out, and were downtown right during a free Imagine Dragons concert!! 

Oh, and apparently you have to park at least 3 feet from a walkway line... 

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