Wednesday, July 23, 2014

St. Louis Mission Trip: Sessions

Every morning and every night we load up in the vans and take a 10 minute drive to a local church called Journey Church. 

Here we get to meet with all 400 students on the Engage trip for a time of worship, prayer and teaching. 

Tonight the projector wasn't working, so we had to skip the videos and sing without words on the screens. But no matter- these kids still took full advantage of it! They were singing and dancing and praising louder than ever, and even urged the band for an encore! 
The band, of course, abliged and sang one more song for us. A very cool experience. 

Here are some other photos from session time: 

Brian, Bobby and Jon on the front steps if Journey. 

The 8th grade girls small group!

PJ's almost famous, "Excitemint" 

He's a lucky man. 

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