Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NOLA 2015: Monday

We had our first day of work on Monday. We woke up and had breakfast and devotions, and were out the door by 8am. We drove the 15 minute drive out of Chalmette into the lower ninth ward and met at lowernine.org headquarters. 

There we joined with another team from Texas for an orientation meeting. The staff there explained a little bit about the lower 9th ward and what happened in Katrina. Then they split us up into crews of about 5-8 people. 
Our team was split into three different crews. Each crew was paired with a lowernine leader and went to a different house site. 
This is one of our crews at George's house! They are working on sanding and refinishing wood floors. 

Another one of our crews, in Miss Baryl's home, worked on installing an attic ladder and mudding and sanding drywall. 

We look forward to completing a lot more work in the coming days! 
Keep checking in to see more of what we are doing! 

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