Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decisions decisions!

I have always been told that the best tool for a teacher to have, is to be prepared. But I am quickly learning that no matter how long I spend planning, or predicting or preparing, I can never be 100% ready for what will happen.
I am astounded at the number of decisions I have to make throughout the day- it is almost constant. Where should I set these papers? What should I do with this extra 2 minutes before library? Should I let Jason go to the bathroom now? Or should I make him finish his math first? Should I get upset over that remark I just heard Jane say about Amanda? Or should I let it go? Can I let them work on this in partners? Should I use the whiteboard to explain this or is verbal instruction enough? Josh has been in the bathroom for a long time, should I send someone to go check on him?

Being a teacher is exhausting. Some studies even put teaching in the top ten most stressful professions. I understand why!

Though I want to fall over on the couch each day when I get home, and I take a two hour nap 4 out of 5 days, I love it.
I am learning so much, and the more i encounter these decisions, the easier they are becoming to make.

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  1. i have no clue about teaching, but i can definitely commiserate with the mental exhaustion that comes with constantly having to make split second decisions and re-prioritizing and continually watching your well-laid plans fly right out the window. Hang in there!!