Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Daughter's Cry:

I'm visiting your grave today, 
I didn't think it would feel this way. 
My heart pounds with all the pain, 
tears are streaming down like rain. 
August 4, 2004 oh can it be,
nine years since God took you away from me? 
Still  that day is crystal clear, 
when we stood in a circle here. 
I felt the tightness in my chest,
that moment is more vivid than the rest. 
Time was moving so very slow, 
as they lowered your coffin down below. 
We threw in stalks of wheat, 
to symbolize a physical defeat. 
But because of our Lord's grace, 
we will again meet face to face. 
I will not fear my final breath,
for Christ has defeated death! 

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