Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Orleans here we come!

Less than two months ago, Bobby casually asked me, "Hey, you wanna go to New Orleans?" 
I said, "Sure! When?" 
"Over Christmas break, for a mission trip."
I was stunned. Of course I would love to go to N.O. for a mission trip! But in less than two months! There was no way we would be able to raise/save that kind of money in that time period.  
Our whole small group (the young adults group from River Rock Church) was interested in going. We started brainstorming immediately about what fund raisers we would be able to do in six weeks time. Every event we tried to plan would fall through. The church would already have an event planned for that date, or whatever. We were feeling a bit discouraged. But we all also felt this little nudge; "Just say yes. The money will come."  
Now I am what I call a, "freak-er-out-er." I freak out about money. I hate bills, and am always concerned about how we will pay our rent. So, naturally, I was freaking out about how we would raise $900 in 6 weeks. 

But God is good. 
And our church is blessed. 

For one, our church had some mission trip money left in their budget to help our group out. 
But get this: an anonymous donor gave a large contribution of money specifically to our young adult small group!! This donation significantly reduced the cost of our trip for us!  

And now, our dream is a reality! We leave tomorrow morning at 6:30am with a group of 27 peolple to go to New Orleans! 

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