Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Daniel Fast: Day 6

"It is not good for man to be alone." 

God created us to be relational. He made us for companionship. I find this to be more and more true the longer I am married to Bobby. He encourages me to do my best, and convinces me I am beautiful. 
I believe we need companionship in more than just marriage, though. We need to encourage each other in our faith journeys as well. This need is magnified when going on a fast. 

There are 6 of us all fasting at the same time right now. If I had tried to fast alone, I would have given up in day one. It is nice for Bobby and I, to be fasting together. It makes it easier to make meals, and encourage each other often. The others on the fast, though, do not have spouses fasting with them. So we decided to get together and eat a meal, so we could encourage each other and spend time together. It was a great night.  

Bobby made some delicious sweet potato fries! 

And my friend Karen and I made a big pot of potato/veggie soup!

It made a great night of food, friends and fellowship. 

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