Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nicaragua 2014: Travel Day!

The alarm went off at 3:00am, we we're out of the house by 3:15. We stopped on the way to pick up Justin, and were to the airport by 4:00am! After juggling some items in a few of our checked bags, we got each under 50lbs.  Before we checked our bags we prayed over them, hoping they would all make it to Nicaragua. 

We checked through security and as soon as we made it to our seats in the plane I fell asleep. We made it to Chicago and had time to get some breakfast and Starbucks. So we were all much more cheerful. 

Bobby and I even had time for a short nap. 

We then boarded the plane to Houston. 

When we got to Houston we found out our flight to Managua had been delayed, so the sprint we did to our gate was all for naught. We took advantage of the extra time and got some lunch, and soent time getting to know each other better. 

Finally, after another hour delay, we boarded our plane to Nicaragua. 

We only had a small hiccup getting through customs in Managua. But all our bags arrived, and we found our ride to the guest house we are staying at. 

The guest house was a short half hour drive from the airport. On the way, I almost had my sunglasses stolen from my head through the bus window. Thankfully Bobby and I reacted quickly and I yanked them back. I think we will leave the windows closed the rest of the week. :-) 
 We had a wonderful dinner, and are now all ready for bed! We are excited for the week and what God has planned! So thankful to be all here safely. 

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