Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nicaragua 2014: Worship at Verbo

We had a very fun day experiencing Nicaragua. After waking up from a wonderful, restful night of sleep, we gathered on the porch for devotions and breakfast. 

We started the day off by going to church at Verbo, a bilingual church about a 20 minute drive from our guesthouse.  
It was very fun to experience worshipping God in both English and Spanish. 

We sat in the middle of the room and felt very much a part of the group while we talked about God giving us the victory in our lives and becoming a "shield around us" (psalm 3:3) 

There was a English translator that stood up on stage with the preacher and she would speak right alongside of him, with just as much energy. It was awesome. The preacher would ask if the congregation believed that God was going to hold them up, and the Spanish speakers would yell and cheer, then the translator would ask and we would yell and cheer. It was a good reminder that God's people, everywhere, need to be reminded that the battle has already been won. That Satan is a liar, and he has no power in our lives when we claim the name of Jesus Christ. 

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