Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Guest post: Gina from Crew 3

Crew 3: River Rock Raptors!
Our team has been working on a house for God's Resort. God's Resort is a ministry that is a relational-based transitional housing community. They provide housing for individuals and families who want to become empowered to live like Christ. Our crew has been working with a family that is currently living in one of God's Resort houses. Jessica and her husband live with their with two children Nikolai and Cynthia. 

Jessica has fibromyalgia and has difficulty moving around her house sometimes and even playing with her kids. She has been so excited to see the work get done and the the relationships the students are making with her kids.
Our main job this week was to take the siding off the walls and replace it with new siding. But we ended up  doing a few more things than we planned on.

 As the old siding came off we found thousands of termites spilling out. We decided to cut the rotted stuff out and replace it. 

So the past two days we have been taking all the siding off the house, cutting out rotted sections of plywood, cutting new strips of plywood to get screwed back onto the house, and  a lot of other odds and ends that need to happen to keep the other projects moving forward.

Crew 3 has been loving our time working together. We have been making up all kinds of songs on the site and have been enjoying to get to know Nikolai! Nikolai is 7 and has been helping us from the moment we get to his house until the moment we leave. We have been loving that we have not only gotten to know Nikolai better but his mom and neighbors as well. We have been enjoying our time at this house and are looking forward to seeing it finished. 

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