Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Leader Profiles

Mile Ellis
Best Part: getting to know the high school kids
Hardest Part: the food
Worksite: Betty's house 
Work: building a 8x10 shed
God Moment: Betty was very appreciative of us here. She loved having us and talking with us. 

Yoon Choi
Best Part: lunch devotions, seeing the students ask each other deep questions about God and faith. 
Hardest Part: dealing with the heat, getting progressively tired throughout the day. 
Worksite: Betty's 
Work: cutting with a circular saw was really fun! I got really good at it. Also helping the students find their place. 
Memory: when I got to save Ian's life, and eating dinner rolls in one bite. 

Gina Ellis
Best Part: praying with our homeowner
Hardest Part: knee sweat.  very sweaty. Sweating so much. 
Worksite: God's Resort
Work: taking off siding and hanging up tyvek
Quote: " It only hurts if you touch me" PJ's new single 

Bobby Moore
Best Part: Getting to know the students better
Hardest Part: trying to sleep with the constant rustling of bodies rolling on air mattresses. 
Worksite: Heather Holley's
Work: hanging siding, demoing moldy studs, supervising children
Quote: #manveins
Memory: talking with the homeowner and hearing her story of the tornado

PJ Huizenga
Best Part: leading a group of middle school boys with Mike Ellis
Hardest Part: having spiritual conversations with middle school boys
Worksite: God's Resort
Work: I worked with Sarah and Lexi repairing siding that has been damaged by moisture and bugs
Quote: "It only hurts when you touch me."
Memory:  I was pulling a pipe out of the side of a building that Will said would probably be 6 inches long. I pulled and pulled and it ended up being 10 feet long! We all laughed. 

Zach Baumgart
Best Part: getting to know the students more
Hardest Part: knowing there is going to be an end to the trip
Worksite: Heather Holly's 
Work: putting vinyl siding on a shed, working alongside students
Quote: "I am not the artist, I am the canvas"
Memory: seeing all the student going up and chiseling bark off the piece of wood to represent getting rid of what is between us and Jesus. 
Carissa Moore
Best Part: spending time with my girls!! And bedtime stories with Koriel.  
Hardest Part: getting big bites all over my body
Worksite: Heather Holley's
Work: measuring, cutting  and installing siding. Cutting new studs. Overseeing students on the worksite. 
Quote:  "the hammer doesn't have man veins!"
Memory: hearing Heather Holley's story about surviving the tornado

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