Sunday, June 26, 2016

We made it!

Well, we made it, with all our vehicles, luggage, students and adults! 

Here is a quick snapshot of what life will look like this week. 

We are staying at the Journey church Ministry Center along with three other church groups, for a total of about 70 people. There is a "shower trailer" in which 4 people can shower at a time. 

Playing frisbee out by the shower trailer! 

The boys are in a huge room with all the other churches, and our girls are in one room with just our church. 

The girls room. 
Chillin in the fellowship hall before dinner. 

All 70 people are divided into 8 work crews. Our church is divided into 3 crews, and so will be working at three different sites tomorrow. 

We met as a crew to pick a name and assign our crew jobs. We also learned a little sneak peak of what our work will be tomorrow. 

Mike and Yoon's crew. 

Jon and Gina's crew

Bobby, Zach and I's crew

We are ready for our first day of work tomorrow morning! Pray for a great night of sleep and a fun day of work! 

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