Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You a Lion?

Today was our first full day, and we definitely heard about it. The students were always asking, "How much longer till we get to go home?" But we made it through. I got a chance to connect to some more of the students on a personal level during recess. The girls kept asking me what my name was;

"What's your name again?"
"Miss Roer."
"Oh yeah! Raaaaaawrr!"
"Like a lion!"
"Yes, Roer, like a lion."
"Yeah, but what's your real name?"
"My real name? You mean my first name?"
"Yeah your first name."
"Carissa. Carissa Roer."
"No! Whats your real name?"
"That is my real name; Carissa Roer, Miss Roer."
"Are you a Lion?"

You have to love second graders. It seems slow moving right now, but I think I know about 6 of the 21 new names. The students seem stuck in the middle of first grade when it comes to reading and writing. Though, each of them excelled in math today compared to yesterday. We started a unit on whales today. I read to the children after morning recess, and I lead two of the reading comprehension groups in the hallway in the afternoon. All went well. I think I look forward to having this schedule for the rest of my life.

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  1. That's awesome! I'd forgotten how much fun elementary kids can be. :) I've got 35 kids to learn at Faith (that's the whole school), but luckily I think I already know about half from church and GEMS. I think I know all the teacher's names now...