Thursday, September 16, 2010


There is one student in my class who really threw me for a loop today. I felt astounded.
The past week and a half this student has not been able to accomplish ANYTHING. Reading, writing, math, spelling, social studies. Every task was most difficult. This student moped through their day, including recess and free time. While reading this student could not even read the word, "the." Spelling, this student could not spell, "we." In math, this student could not even follow along on the board with me next to them.
Today we had a 20 min long workshop time. This student had the task of writing down the spelling list, just copying it down from the board. They got one letter down in 20 min. My cooperating teacher was very frustrated and pulled this student to the hallway to speak with them.
"This has got to stop." My teacher said. "You need to be able keep up with the class. If you don't start completing your work, you will stay inside for lunch recess with Miss. Roer and I,"
"Ok Mrs. K." the student replied.
After this, the student went into the room and completed all 10 spelling words in two minutes. Their whole demeanor reversed. They became engaged and energetic, and even read a book for free time.

This student had been faking it since the first day of school.

I was so frustrated. All of the worry of how to differential tests and lesson, all the extra work of keeping on eye on them. Every part of me felt useless. I was so unaware.
How did Mrs. K know!? What will I do when I am a teacher? How will I know?

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  1. I think a lot of it comes with experience. This was an experience that you can now store in your mind for your own class for when you encounter a student like this of your own! It's like you're building a giant database in your head that you can access when the time comes. In the meantime, keep building that database!